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The GEL-CUMULUS™ 23 shoe's focus is to provide an even smoother and softer ride while implementing gender tailored technology in the men's and women's models. Continuing to draw inspiration from cumulus clouds, we reimagined this neutral running shoe's upper and midsole formation by applying a more holistic design approach that adapts to the runner's anatomy in motion. Wrapping the foot with an even softer feel, the engineered mesh upper adds strategic support in targeted areas while leaving some of the fibers more open to improve breathability. The upper also works more closely with the midsole's movement, which creates a smoother stride from footstrike to toe-off. To improve cushioning and flexibility, we added a 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION to the top layer of the midsole. This technology is implemented through a series of strategically planted pillars within the midsole, allowing runners to experience more compression in a specific area without reducing durability or stability. These pillar formations are tuned differently in the men's and women's models to address each gender's biomechanical data. By helping runners appropriately compress the foam during the landing phase of their stride, this shoe promotes a smoother ride and improves shock absorption.

Un'unità con tecnologia GEL™ più morbida è posizionata sotto il tallone per migliorare l'ammortizzazione, mentre il materiale dell'intersuola FLYTEFOAM™ aiuta a creare una corsa più fluida e di supporto. Formata con una mescola sostenibile nella suola, la gomma ASICS LITE è morbida e progettata per migliorare la durata nelle aree ad alto impatto.

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